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by Critical Dad

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released April 19, 2017

Recorded by Ian Rundell
All songs written and performed by Critical Dad



all rights reserved


Critical Dad Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Cissyfit
You got questions, a nervous shudder
About a skinny cis boy who makes you wonder
What do you see when you look into his eyes?
Something dark, you think you ought to dispise

You are not wrong to realize
That you might fear for your life
You're not wrong to be afraid
Your feelings are not nothing

You are not wrong

He looks like me
He's such a creep
Track Name: Red Fox
What's your reason for waving the flag?
What's the arbitrary point you have?
You wave your logo and you prey on the weak
You pray to your symbol because you're too free to think

What do you see when your reading the news?
Act like the only one who has a clue
Talk really academic, make others feel dumb
You'll fuck your ego but you're too smart to love

Now you're out all on your own
Pretending like you don't need anyone
You think you might just own the streets
You're just a mask that is too fake for me

Now it's only just me and you
Now we don't know what we're going to do
We talk a lot, try to dictate a map
We talk talk talk but we're too scared to act
Track Name: Boy's Club
Oh you're feeling really tuff today
And you're dressed to kill
Think you got me down submissively
Got me bending to your will

Do this, don't do that, oh no

And I just could never give a fuck
About your speech and politics
The holy sacrament of boys night out
Nothing could be worse than this

You hate me and I don't blame you
All together shitty attitudes
Telling people what it takes to be a man
Go on, keep explaining to me
On which track my life should be
Since you made the standard for masculine

And you finally realize
You don't fit into no norm
Body parts dictating actions
Rules for archaic worlds

Do this, don't do that, oh no

And I urge you not to give a fuck
Live how you're comfortable
Smash the walls of this empirical
Congregation of boys club

They hate me and now you, too
One, two, three shitty attitudes
Telling people what it takes to be a man
They'll explain to you and me
On which track our lives should be
Since they made the standard for masculine
Track Name: The Fall (Berlin Wall)
Oh you know I was born on the Berlin Wall
I stuck around just to watch it fall
The voice of history hung heavy in the air
You turned to smile at me, I swear I tried to care

I tried to escape my past, was running out of time
I ran and ran and ran, I never wondered why
Now that I am free there's a burning in my head
I'll never get away, that moment will have me dead
Track Name: There's a Problem
I don't care, I don't know
I don't care to want to know
You're walking, always talking
Making me regretting even coming here

It'll be the death of you
Progression will be the death of you
Inclusion will be the death of you
Boring white jocks just through and through

Oh I don't want to fit in
In a scene I love but
I hate how people are treated like dirt
So I don't want to fit in

We're sinking, always drowning
Like a joke but nobody is laughing
I'm alone, yeah, around clones, yeah
On the brink of losing my control, yeah

It'll be the death of me
Social capital will be the death of me
Dumb punk shit will be the death of me
Looking around, it's all I see